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SLAM (Support Local Artists & Musicians) has partnered again with Bozeman Friends of Parks, the City of Bozeman, and artists Mitch Billis & Sarah Anderson to offer you an incredible artistic Legacy Project in Bozeman’s Beall Park! A bronze frog drinking fountain sculpted by local artist, Mitch Billis will be installed in Beall Park this fall, offering refreshment to parched park goers. Sarah Anderson will complete this functional art installation with a mosaic that will be the pedestal for the fountain. A ring within this mosaic will be constructed of etched metal plates available for purchase. These plates are the perfect opportunity to show your pride in your community. A total of 58 bricks will be available for purchase – the price of $250 apiece. Each brick can display three lines with ten characters per line. What a great way to leave your legacy in one of Bozeman’s greatest parks? Larger, more expensive tiles are available for purchase and will play an integral role in the design of the mosaic. Three are available for $5000, and Five are available for $1500. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in sponsoring one of these tiles. More Info

About SLAM

SLAM is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the arts and art education in the state in a manner that enriches and involves the community. SLAM hosts events to showcase the artistic talent of Montana residents, funds scholarships to community members seeking education in the arts, and spearheads community art installations. Participation in SLAM festivals is open only to Montana residents, but we encourage everyone to attend and experience the richness of Montana’s artist community!


The SLAM Holiday Showcase was a great success! We had a phenomenal group of artists and are looking forward to another great group in August. The next SLAM event is the 2014 SLAM Summer Festival, August 2nd and 3rd at Bogert Park. More Info


The support of sponsors like you is essential to making this event a grand success.

Please consider this opportunity to support the SLAM Festival as a way of promoting your business, while enhancing the arts in your Montana community.

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Admission to the SLAM Festival is free to the public, enabling all members of the community of any income level to enjoy the plethora of artistic talent in Montana. Any revenue generated from this Festival will be reinvested in programs and projects that promote the arts in our communities throughout the state of Montana.
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