The projects bellow have been successfully completed.
Check back soon to see what the next “Giving Back” project will be.
Fish Drinking Fountain
A legacy project sponsored by SLAM, Friends of Parks, Mitch Billis, Northwest Art Casting and a Parkland Improvement Grant from the City of Bozeman.

A sculptural bronze drinking fountain was installed in Bogert Park, Bozeman MT. SLAM, Friends of Parks, Mitch Billis, and Sarah Anderson received an award from the Bozeman Beautification Advisory Board for the Legacy Project fountain installation.

Frog Drinking Fountain

SLAM (Support Local Artists & Musicians) partnered again with Bozeman Friends of Parks, the City of Bozeman, and artists Mitch Billis & Sarah Anderson to offer you an incredible artistic Legacy Project in Bozeman’s Beall Park! A bronze frog drinking fountain sculpted by local artist Mitch Billis was installed in Beall Park, offering refreshment to parched park goers. Sarah Anderson completed this functional art installation with a mosaic that is the pedestal for the fountain. A ring within this mosaic was constructed of carved bricks.